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Explore the different areas of the campaign to discover how you can participate in the Here We Stand campaign.

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Church Worker Scholarships

Church Worker Scholarships


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Innovative Missional Ministry


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Michigan District Endowment


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International Ministry


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"You may not preach like Paul; you may not pray like Peter; but you can assist someone to do it."

Rev. Mandla Khumalo

Latest Campaign Updates

Here We Stand – August 2019 Update

A2E Sports Camps Acts 2 Enterprise celebrated its 7th year of Summer Sports Camp/VBS June 24-28 at Messmer Park on...

Here We Stand – July 2019 Update

Here We Stand Generosity Impacts Future Church Workers “It means a lot to know others are supporting my journey into...

A Message from the President – June 2019

Summer, 2019 Dear Brothers in Christ, It was a great joy being with most of you during the month of...

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