High School/College Music


High School/College Honors Choir

Performance works are available for personal rehearsal as both sheet music (.pdf) and audio music (.mp3) for download. Audio files will open in a new window. To save audio files to a personal playback device, in the new window, right click on the player and select “save audio as”.

“Psalm 23”-Basler

HighSchoolCollegePiece1 (Sheet Music)

Psalm 23-Full Choir (Audio)

Psalm 23-soprano (Audio)

Psalm 23-alto (Audio)

“Unclouded Day”-arr. Kirchner

HighSchoolCollegePiece2 (Sheet Music)

Unclouded Day-Full Choir (Audio)

“The Heavens Are Telling”-Haydn

HighSchoolCollege Piece3 (Sheet Music)

The Heavens Are Telling-Full Choir (Audio)

The Heavens Are Telling – Soprano (Audio)

The Heavens Are Telling – Alto (Audio)

The Heavens Are Telling – Tenor (Audio)

The Heavens Are Telling- Bass (Audio)

“We Shall Not Die, But Live” – S. Hyslop

We Shall Not Die (NOTE: REVISED)