Community Events – Here We Stand For You

  • Community Events

    Between April and September, 2017, the District is asking your congregation to find ways to reach out into your community, not only celebrating the Reformation but also sharing Jesus with your neighbors.



  • Choose an Event

    You are asked to pick a Service Event (example: building a gazebo at the nursing home), a Celebration Event (example: hosting a family fun day for the community), or a Community Event that Serves (example: a 5K race for a cause). The type of event you choose has everything to do with you, your people, the gifts you have, and your community needs.

    Six Steps to make it happen

    1. Form a Team
    2. Discern the Needs and Opportunities in the Community Around You
    3. Discern Your Passion and Gifts
    4. Choose an Event
    5. Come up with a Plan and Work the Plan
    6. Involve Your Congregation
    7. Optional: fund in part as Thrivent Action Team

    Suggestions for Community Events


  • It is our hope that you will register your event, so that we all can have a larger picture of Here We Stand…For You events across the Michigan District.

  • Register Your Community Event


  • #HereWeStandForYou

    We invite you to report your event as well. This can be as simple as having people use the hashtag #HereWeStandForYou on all of their social media or submitting them online. All public posts (across numerous platforms) that are tagged as such will be highlighted in various places by the Michigan District. Select images and video from this stream will also be used at the joint Reformation Worship Service in Lansing on October 15, 2017.


  • Why a door?

    Finally, we will all celebrate the events in Lansing at the joint Reformation Worship Service. To that end, every congregation is asked to decorate a door, which will serve as a focal point for our celebrations and a great doorway to sharing the Good News of Jesus with our communities. These doors, in all of their different colors, will line the entrance hall of the Breslin Center on October 15, 2017. They will be testimonies of the Gospel in our midst. They will be testimonies to the door that is opened for us in Christ.

    Use the door as a backdrop and reminder in worship, at fellowship and fun events, at service events, and whenever you gather in Jesus’ name, as a reminder that the Good News of Jesus is for all.


    What kind of door?

    Find yourself a door. It may be new. It may be reclaimed. Our only request is this: if possible, let’s all conform to a standard and uniform size as specified below; this will help at the Breslin Center in October.

    Door Specifications:

    • Interior door with hollow core
      32” wide
      80” high
      between 1 3/8” and 1 ¾” thick.

    Download Reformation 500 Door Overview

    Download Door Stand Specifications

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