#GiveATuesday Campaign | November 28, 2017

  • The life of a college student is filled with 120 Tuesdays.

    #GiveATuesday and increase the scholarships provided to future church workers.

    The decreasing number of future pastors and professional church workers graduating from our seminaries and universities is having an impact on the number of church workers available to serve our congregations. One of the reasons why students do not enter into church work as their career choice is the cost. The average 3-credit class cost at a private university like Concordia is $1,755, and a 4-year Bachelor’s degree requires a minimum of 90 credits.

  • $1,800-3,000

    Size of awards given to future church workers at Concordia colleges and seminaries.


    Seminary graduates available for 178 requests. Leaving a gap to fill.


    Sponsors a student for one class on a Tuesday.

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  • #GiveATuesday

    There are 120 Tuesdays in the life of a college student, and an average student typically takes three classes a day.

    Would you sponsor a Tuesday for a church work student?

    $39 sponsors a student for one class on one Tuesday.

    $117 sponsors three classes on a Tuesday (a full day).

    $468 sponsors four full Tuesdays.

    Gifts of all sizes help to grow the financial award provided to future church work students!

  • Meet a Few of the Church Work Students You Support

  • Meet Hannah

  • Meet Sarah

  • Meet Brandon

  • Meet Jennifer

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    Help us spread the word on social media about the #GiveATuesday campaign! Grab social graphics and text ideas in our Media Kit. Feel free to share the graphics and link everyone back to http://milc.ms/GiveATuesday.



  • Hear from Concordia's Faculty & Staff

    President Ferry

    Rev. Charles Schulz | Pre-Seminary

    Joshua Kittleman | Family Life

  • Support Professional Church Worker through Scholarships