A Message from the President – May 2016

May 2016

Dear Brothers in Christ,

I am rather happy to share with you that we have reached the end of our Here We Stand campaign Workshop schedule! Ray Zavada and I thank each and every one of you who attended one of the 19 workshops that were held throughout the Michigan District in February, March, and April. We thank God we were able to hold each of the workshops when they were scheduled, even though a couple of them presented a challenging drive home for those who attended.

We also thank you and the many congregational members who set aside time in your busy schedules and lives to attend a workshop. We thank you not just for your presence, but also for the many excellent questions you asked and for the many encouraging words you shared about our 500th Anniversary Thank Offering. We felt, going into our workshops, that there was something in the campaign that everyone could whole-heartedly support, and from the feedback we received at the workshops, our early thoughts have been confirmed. We have appreciated and will continue to appreciate your feedback as the campaign continues to progress.

With the workshops completed, many congregations will now be going through the process of making participation decisions, including …

  • when you will begin your participation;
  • your financial commitment level;
  • how you will participate to reach, or exceed, your pledge or goal; and
  • developing a communications strategy so your congregation knows what the participation plan is.

Please know that we are here to help you in any way we can as you go through the various steps to ready yourselves to participate. As Ray said throughout the workshops, please make him, or his assistant Linda Ekong, your first point of contact should you have any questions. Especially contact Ray if you have any questions about the process of participating or if you need assistance in planning or communicating your participation. Linda can assist you with navigating the campaign website and get campaign materials into your hands when you need them. Their contact information is:

ray.zavada@michigandistrict.org  and  linda.ekong@michigandistrict.org.

Please take a few minutes to view the campaign website—herewestand.michigandistrict.org—if you have not already done so. It truly is a very helpful resource! The campaign video is available on the website in a downloadable version. I would strongly encourage everyone to show this video to your congregational members in the near future. The campaign website also has a FAQ section, Commitment Forms, Questions and Answers documents, bulletin inserts, all previous monthly President’s letters and Campaign Newsletters, and much more.

Finally, please remember there are aspects of the Here We Stand campaign that are not part of the $10 million campaign goal. I am referring to the Michigan District-wide 500th Anniversary Worship Service at the Breslin Center in East Lansing, Mich., on October 15, 2017, AND a variety of events and activities that are being planned for the summer of 2017. There is also the Student Bible Reading Program which begins in October, 2016 and concludes October, 2017. I would encourage you to continue to monitor the Campaign Website and Michigan District Website for future updates on all aspects of the Here We Stand campaign.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my monthly Here We Stand update with you. May our awesome God not only bless the wonderful Kingdom work being done through the congregations of the Michigan District, but may He lead us to do what He wants to bless.

Your brother in Christ,


Rev. Dr. David P.E. Maier, President
Michigan District, LCMS

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