A Message from the President – November 2018

November, 2018

Dear Brothers in Christ,

One of the annual joys in my life is the opportunity of seeing many of you at the All Pastors’ Conference. It is impossible to talk with everyone personally at an event that size, but please know it is an encouragement seeing so many Michigan District pastors and their wives, and in some cases families in attendance.

Our conference presented numerous opportunities for education and exploration in the challenges we currently face. I pray that you were also blessed by the environment at Boyne Mountain with ample opportunity to rest, relax, and be refreshed.

In this letter, I’d like to reiterate one particular item that I discussed during my President’s report: while we were at the conference, the 2nd anniversary of the Congregational Phase of the Here We Stand Campaign was reached. This is indeed another milestone along our five-year campaign journey. As we enter year three of the Congregational Phase, I would like to restate how important the third year of our campaign is in the overall success of Here We Stand. This is when we expect the campaign to have a significant number of new congregations become participants. That was true in our last campaign (The Future Is Now) and we are hopeful and prayerful it will occur again.

Having said this, I ask you to please prayerfully consider making year three the year you begin your participation in Here We Stand, if you have not already done so. If you have already participated, please encourage others to do so. We are encouraged by the discussion several pastors had with us at the Conference, as these new participating congregations alone will help move the campaign forward nicely. With the participation of everyone, even more campaign advancement will take place.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for help or ideas. Ray Zavada, our Campaign Director, and the Development and Communications Departments will be glad to help you get started. There are numerous campaign materials available for your use and everything is available by just asking. I know Ray is always happy to come to your church and meet with you and your leaders to answer your questions, help you get organized, and get a participation plan in place. You may be surprised by the many creative and fun ways congregations are finding to participate in the campaign. Ray will be happy to share these innovative ideas with you.

One method of participation for your congregation to consider is our upcoming Christmas Appeal, which is being mailed just before Thanksgiving to about 6,000 donors and potential donors to Michigan District ministry. You will find the appeal letter here. Through this appeal we are seeking support for the Innovative Missional Ministry initiative of the Here We Stand campaign. Please take a moment to read the letter and see what we are sharing with others.

If you are already a participating congregation in the campaign, you may still choose to support the Christmas Appeal in some way. However, if you are currently not a participating congregation, you may find this an excellent and creative way to become involved. I am respectfully asking that you look at our appeal, and consider it as a potential way to either become a campaign participant, or perhaps enhance your current participation. Thank you for your consideration for another successful response to our annual Christmas Appeal.

Please make 2018-19 the year you will begin your Here We Stand campaign participation. Our $10-million goal is very attainable when everyone helps.

The most recent “By the Numbers” update can be found here. Thank you.

Your brother in Christ,


Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier, President
Michigan District, LCMS

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