Here We Stand – February 2016 Update

What supporters of HWS are saying…

In what specific ways will the Michigan District, LCMS be different because you supported the campaign?

“My family has chosen to support all four of the campaign initiatives. Why? Because my wife and I both believe that each of the four campaign outcomes will either encourage someone in the Michigan District to grow in their faith today, or equip and encourage others to open their ears to the Good News of Christ as their Savior. As Psalm 71:18 says; ‘O God do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come.’ If we can help grow the Kingdom through our support by even just one, we are privileged to participate in the Here We Stand campaign.”

“The Michigan District, LCMS will be able to move the message of the Reformation into a vastly different and challenging world by helping to provide training for the Church leaders of today and by providing for new on-the-ground mission efforts tailored to a new generation.”

“The opportunity for Lutheran schools to explore and implement transformational approaches will keep our Christ-centered ministries attractive and effective to families who expect academic excellence.”

“The District will have funding for some very important programs that will benefit our District, our Synod, and the Church at Large.”

“The Michigan District will have more resources to empower and bless people who will see their children’s grandchildren in heaven with Jesus.”

Campaign Progress

Over $200,000 gifted to date

Congregation Highlights

Can we participate before going through a congregational workshop?

Yes! Three congregations are already participating.

Resource Tip

We encourage pastors, lay leaders, and congregational members to attend one of 18 regional workshops in February, March, and April to learn about Here We Stand and how your congregation can participate. Please visit for dates and locations.

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