Here We Stand – January 2019 Update

Impact of Here We Stand Campaign in 2018

by Ray Zavada

As we enter into a new year of the Here We Stand (HWS) campaign, we do so with high expectations and great enthusiasm for what is to come in 2019. The success of the campaign in 2018, and earlier, provides a strong foundation from which to continue building.

Assuming the campaign is blessed with similar or increased levels of financial support from congregations and individuals within the Michigan District, it will allow for similar, or even increased, levels of ministry support to take place. The following provides a summary of the impact HWS had in 2018, and hopefully a glimpse of what can be expected in 2019.

Professional Church Worker Scholarships ̶ In 2018 we were again able to increase scholarships by 10% over the previous year. Total scholarships given to 101 Michigan District students preparing to be Professional Church Workers was $260,000. By comparison, in 2002/2003, total scholarships awarded by the Michigan District were $50,000.

Innovative Missional Ministries ̶ Mission dollars spent over the past four years have increased significantly. In 2018, approximately $561,000 was used to support ministries like Elli’s House, Luke Project 52 Clinic, Camp Restore, Hope in St. Ignace, Franklin Avenue Mission, Acts 2 Enterprise, and others. By comparison, in 2015 about $22,000 in mission dollars was given.

Michigan District Endowment Fund ̶ The Endowment Fund continues to grow as a result of the $621,000 in cash given to date for the fund through the HWS campaign. A significant amount of these dollars to Endowment were given in 2018. As the Endowment continues to grow, more funding each year is given to the Michigan District from the interest growth of the fund, which allows even more ministry support to occur.

International Ministries ̶ The HWS campaign is essential to the Michigan District’s support of International Ministries. This is because no funding comes from District-budgeted dollars for this purpose. In other words, the HWS campaign supports this work 100%. To date, the campaign has provided $725,000 in support of International Ministries which include St. Peter Confessional Lutheran Church and Orphanage in South Africa, LCMS Missionary support to nine missionaries, the Hmong Catechism Project, and MOST Ministries. Continued disbursements are planned in 2018 and are dependent on new International funding being received.

HWS has made a major impact already in a variety of areas. Our prayer is that the campaign will continue to grow in 2019 and beyond, allowing an even greater impact to take place. Please join us in allowing this to happen.

To make a gift, you can do so online here, mail in your gift to the Michigan District, LCMS, 3773 Geddes Rd, Ann Arbor MI 48105, or by phone by calling Linda Ekong at 734.213.4265.

Campaign Progress

Over $5.7 million in gifts, pledges, and congregational goals to date.

Congregation Highlights

We would like to thank Peace, Ann Arbor; St. Mark, Brooklyn; St. John, Port Hope; Living Word, Rochester; and St. Peter, Rockford for joining the campaign with their most recent gifts.

January 2019