Here We Stand – July 2016 Update

Acts 2 Enterprise: Giving Hope

“But we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel …” Luke 24: 21a NIV

Hope is critical for every individual’s survival. Hope is the game changer whether it’s seeking to pass a required class, overcome a doctor’s diagnosis, triumph over an addiction, rise above people’s low expectation of oneself, or complete a major goal which has never been attempted. Hope shapes how we view ourselves, life, and other people. Hope provides us with buoyancy against the riptides of life. Hope enables us to believe that there is an outcome prepared for us which is greater than our present circumstance.

The disciples said, “we had hoped …” They had hoped that Jesus would redeem, that is purchase them for a new purpose. They were not foolish to see their hope in Jesus. It is said of Abraham in Romans 4, “against all hope, Abraham in hope believed.” What is hope? I like the acronym someone once shared: Having Only Positive Expectations. We worship and live for the God of Hope (Romans 15: 13).

One of Acts 2 Enterprise’s innovative missional endeavors is to be a catalyst for hope. Everyone needs hope. Hope ironically comes in many forms, and sometimes for those who have been in its presence even for an extended amount of time, it might be unrecognizable, such as the case with disciples who talked with Jesus, their inconspicuous Hope. We have provided free Sports Camps/VBS to children and youth in the city of Detroit since 2013 and in Pontiac since 2015, most of it due to you, gracious Hope Givers of the Michigan District. You have generously donated to this vision of sharing Jesus in the context of teaching sports for one week in the summer. It has been through this experience we have shared the Hope of the world.

We have sought to provide hope to parents of children and youth who wonder how they will provide a quality extracurricular and Vacation Bible School experience to their children during the summer. A free sports camp/VBS provides children a fun, safe, and encouraging environment. A free sports camp/VBS provides parents relief and joy to know that their children have been exposed to an experience which can be life-changing physically, socially, and spiritually. This camp also provides for us, who are summer missionaries, the opportunity to share grace and receive grace through these new found relationships. May we continue to be People of Hope.

Rev. Christopher R. Bodley
Michigan District Missionary at Large for A2E

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