Here We Stand – June 2016 Update

Here We Stand : The Word Works

The Word works. The Word worked powerful reformation. The Word powered the Reformation! As part of the Here We Stand campaign, we will accent the work of the Word in a powerful way.

Students from Concordia University and other youth leaders from around the Michigan District are working on a Bible reading campaign for high school and college students. They will bring two seminal themes from the Reformation together: lay people reading the Bible with the aid of the latest technology.

This part of the Here We Stand campaign will challenge, coordinate and provide electronic community to students from around the state so that together they read through the entire Bible from October of 2016 to November of 2017. This discipline will connect students to Jesus in a powerful way! We will provide students with a reading schedule and on-line support. We will build a digital Bible reading community throughout the Michigan District.

Through the summer months, leaders will complete the organization of the effort and build a digital process. During the late summer and early fall, students and youth leaders will be challenged to participate. The kick off of the Bible reading campaign will begin in October, 2016.

The Word, aided by that “new-fangled printing press,” powered the Reformation. Because the Church must always be reformed, the Here We Stand campaign dedicates itself to a new era of reformation with a new era of technology.

The Word still works!

For more information contact: Rev. David Davis at St. Luke, Haslett

Rev. David Davis
Chairman, Bible Reading Initiative

Campaign Progress

Over $1.58 Million gifted to date.

Resource Tip

Congregation Commitment Forms and Individual Commitment Forms are available here ( or by contacting Linda Ekong at or 888.225.2111.

Congregation Highlights

We would like to thank Our Savior, Holland; Christ, Stevensville; and St. John, Ludington for their recent gifts to the campaign.

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