Here We Stand – March 2016 Update

Campaign Preparations Continue

The campaign continues to make progress in several ways. During the month of January, President David P. E. Maier and Ray Zavada conducted Circuit Coordinator Workshops throughout the state. At these five workshops, the circuit coordinators were provided with the training necessary to be a resource and a support to the pastors and congregations of each circuit. What a blessing it is to have at least one circuit coordinator for each of our 42 circuits.  We praise God for the willingness of each of the pastors who have stepped forward and are providing leadership for their circuits.

The next step in the preparation process for the congregations of the District is to attend one of the 12 remaining congregational workshops that have been scheduled to help each congregation prepare for the campaign.  The informative two-hour workshop  gives an overview of the four initiatives of the campaign; specifically,  Professional Church Worker Scholarships, Innovative Missional Ministry, Michigan District Endowment, and International Ministry. The workshops include a practical “how-to” discussion to help congregations determine their campaign goal and suggestions on how to reach the goal. You will also receive information about the Michigan District-wide Reformation Worship Service, the special events during the Spring/Summer of 2017 leading up to the worship service, and the Student Bible Reading Campaign to take place Oct. 2016—Oct. 2017.

Presenters at each workshop are President David P. E. Maier and Campaign Director Ray Zavada. Please pray for good weather as they travel throughout the District between now and April 21st.

Please visit the workshop webpage to view the schedule of upcoming events.  All pastors and congregational lay leaders are encouraged to attend.

Campaign Progress

Over $750,000 gifted to date. Stand with us and make a donation today!

Congregation Highlights

We would like to thank Rev. Mark Hetzner and the members of St. Thomas, Eastpointe for their recent commitment to Here We Stand. Also, thanks to Rev. Mark Brandt and the members of St. Lorenz, Frankenmuth and Rev. Joseph Casiglia and members of Faith, Troy for their recent gifts to the campaign.

Resource Tip

We encourage pastors, lay leaders, and congregational members to attend one of the remaining 12 regional workshops in March and April to learn about Here We Stand and how your congregation can participate. Please contact Linda Ekong to register: 888-225-2111 ext. 265.

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