Here We Stand – March 2020 Update

Here We Stand Campaign Helps Grow Endowment Fund

by Ray Zavada

The Here We Stand (HWS) campaign has been blessed with phenomenal financial support since its beginning in the fall of 2016.  One of the four campaign initiatives is the Michigan District Endowment. I pray that, as you read this brief article, you will be compelled to either support the Endowment Fund for the first time, or make an additional gift if you have previously supported the Fund.

A gift to the Endowment Fund is a gift that keeps on giving because the principal is never spent. Only a portion of the earnings are annually released to the Michigan District for spending on a variety of District ministries. The Endowment Fund is monitored by a multi-member Endowments Advisory Council, comprised of professionals in financial investing, which ensures the endowment’s governing documents and investment policy are followed. This creates an environment conducive to maximizing the financial growth of the Endowment Fund and ultimately the total number of ministry dollars that become available each year for use.

Our Endowment Fund currently disburses funding according to the following percentages: 39% for Student Aid, 36% for Missions, 19% for special purposes, and 6% is non-designated.

Student Aid is a major recipient of Endowment Fund disbursements. In the 2019-2020 school year, $253,050 scholarship dollars were given to future church work students from Michigan District congregations who attend one of the Concordia University System schools and seminaries. Twenty-four Concordia University Ann Arbor students received scholarships of $2,800 each for this school year, totaling $67,200 of the total distributed by the Michigan District. What a wonderful blessing these scholarships are for these future Kingdom workers. And how do we know this? It is from the many heart-warming cards and letters we receive from them in which they express their sincerest gratitude.

As you consider your gift-giving decisions in 2020, would you please consider a gift to the Michigan District Endowment Fund through the HWS campaign? Your gift will be a perpetual blessing to the mission and ministries of the Michigan District, perhaps even a future church work student from your family or congregation. (Please remember: your gift to the Endowment Fund through the HWS campaign will receive a 10% match from the Michigan District Church Extension Fund). Thank you for your consideration.

You may make your gift online at or send checks payable to The Michigan District LCMS, 3773 Geddes Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (memo line: HWS Endowment).

Campaign Progress

Over $6.33 million in gifts, pledges, and congregational goals to date.

Congregation Highlights

We would like to thank Faith, Bay City; St. John, Cheboygan; Grace, Coopersville; and Faith, Grand Blanc for their recent gifts to the campaign.

March 2020 Newsletter