Here We Stand – May 2017 Update

Introducing The Luke Project 52 Clinic

The Newest Entity in the Pro-life Ecosystem
by Rev. Brad Garrison

In an effort to improve access to healthcare and reduce the infant mortality rate in Michigan, starting in Detroit, The Luke Project 52 Clinic launched a new Mom and Baby Clinic to serve vulnerable populations.

The City of Detroit and the State of Michigan have significantly higher infant mortality rates than the nation as a whole (19.9 per 1,000 live births compared to a national average of 6.6). One of the contributing causes to the high infant mortality rate is the lack of prenatal instruction and care in underserved communities.

A major difficulty in many of these communities is achieving compliance in the keeping of follow-up appointments, which is why the clinic gives out “clinic coins” that can be redeemed for diapers, food, and maternity and infant clothing. We also have a van that drives clients to and from the clinic. Patients who keep their follow-up appointments get a baby shower sponsored by the clinic upon delivery and, later, a first birthday celebration.

The volunteers at The Luke Project 52 Clinic strive to make clinic day a community event so those we are trying to reach see value in and want to come. For example, the clinic provides fun children’s activities, since many of the patients have families that include other small children. So what takes place on clinic day? Patients bring their children, they play, they go shop, they get their healthcare concerns taken care of, and then they enjoy a hot meal that Family of God provides six days a week.

The Luke Project 52 Clinic combines a Great Compassion ministry that provides free prenatal and infant care with a Great Commission ministry. Ultimately, we’re trying to build relationships through which Jesus Christ can be shared. We’d like to expand and help other churches provide this type of compassionate care to the people in their community.

The Luke Project 52 Clinic is dependent upon the support received from the Michigan District, LCMS and its congregations, grants from Wheat Ridge® Ministries, other foundations that support innovative ministries and healthcare initiatives, and individual donors. It is a not-for-profit supported in part by the Michigan District, LCMS through the Here We Stand Campaign, Living Water Lutheran Church in Whitmore Lake, Mich., and is a member of FiveTwo Network’s StartNew Incubator.

Rev. Bradley G. Garrison is the vacancy pastor at Living Water Lutheran Church in Whitmore Lake, Mich. and founder of The Luke Project 52 Clinic. Pastor Garrison is open to share more about The Luke Project 52 Clinic with your congregation, upon your Pastor’s approval. For more information, visit

Campaign Progress

Over $4.29 million in gifts, pledges, and congregational goals to date.

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Congregation Highlights

We would like to thank Good Shepherd, Saginaw for their most recent gift to the campaign.

We would like to thank St. John, Cheboygan and St. Michael, Wayne for their recent pledges to the campaign.

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