Here We Stand – November 2019 Update

Here We Stand Campaign Impacts Urban Ministries by Ray Zavada

Mt. Calvary, Detroit served as host of the 2019 Urban Ministry Conference on September 16. This unique conference provided a centralized forum for the leaders of many of the Michigan District urban ministries to share how their respective ministries are impacting the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of people each year in several Michigan cities.

Over 100 people were in attendance and they all left the one-day conference with an increased understanding of the significant impact these ministries are having in the urban communities they serve, as each speaker was provided an opportunity to highlight the type of ministry they provide, how they carry out, and the impact it is having on individuals, families, and communities. Attendees also learned how they can personally get involved to support these ministries with their time, talents, and monetary gifts.

The Here We Stand campaign is closely connected to these ministries as it provides an important and substantial stream of funding in support of Michigan District urban ministries through the Innovative Missional Ministry initiative. Of the $6.2 million in total campaign gifts and commitments to date, approximately $2.5 million has been given and/or committed for Innovative Missional Ministry. Clearly, many campaign donors are passionate about the Innovative Missional Ministries of the Michigan District and want to help them impact the lives of others through their generous gifts.

During my brief remarks at the conference, I referred to the leaders of the urban ministries in attendance as “heroes.” I understand that not a single one of them think of themselves as heroes as they do the Kingdom work they are called to do, but they truly are heroes. Why? Because heroes rescue people from the perils of their communities, families, or even from themselves. This is what the urban ministries of the Michigan District do each day.

If you, too, have a passion for Innovative Missional Ministry in the Michigan District, please prayerfully consider how you could financially support the Here We Stand campaign through a multi-year commitment or a one-time sacrificial gift. To make an online donation, call 734.213.4265 or visit

Also, each of the urban ministries that were represented at the Urban Ministries Conference would appreciate your direct support of them either financially or through many available volunteer opportunities. I encourage you to visit and click on “Join a Ministry” to learn more about these wonderful ministries and/or to sign up to volunteer.

Campaign Progress

Over $6.19 million in gifts, pledges, and congregational goals to date.

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