Here We Stand – September 2015 Update

I remember as a child growing up in the burbs of Chicago. My parents took me to the beach along Lake Michigan and I planted myself firmly right where the water kissed the sand.

I stood there. Motionless. I watched the water eventually wash over my toes, my feet getting deeper and deeper into the sand and soon the water washed away my footing and I fell. Boom. On my bottom.

Many times I recall that time in my life as I reflect on the church. The erosion of the world begins to take its toll and it becomes easier to cave than confront, acquiesce than abhor, flee than fight.

Pick a topic and for many, it is easier to go along with the flow than to stand.

God be praised for Martin Luther and those who stood with him… “Here I Stand.” And we do. Not on Luther, not on ourselves, but on the powerful and life-changing Word of God.

And it is in these critical times that the church needs to stand and share its stance with others.

Through the Here We Stand campaign, the Michigan District will help make possible financial resources for professional church work students at our seminaries and Concordia universities, to help them attain their goal of serving the Church so they can help equip your children and grandchildren to stand.

Here We Stand. Stand with us… won’t you?

Rev. John L. Bush
Sr. Director—Donor Relations
Concordia University Ann Arbor

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